Programme November, 8


International experiences on sediment transport measurements and management

(in English, translation into Italian and German will be provided)


08.30 – Registration

09.00 – Welcome speeches (Rector Paolo Lugli, Free University of Bozen-Bolzano – Rudolph Pollinger, Civil Protection Agency Bozen-Bolzano)

09.15 – Introduction to the workshop and to the “Sediplan project” (Francesco Comiti, Free University of Bozen-Bolzano)


Sediment transfer and ecosystem services

09.30 – The relevance of sediment regime for river ecosystems (Ellen Wohl, Colorado State University, USA)

10.00 – Sediment transport and ecosystem services: the “Hymocares” project (Andrea Goltara, Centro Italiano di Riqualificazione Fluviale, Italy)


10.30 – Coffee break with posters


Quantification of sediment transfer and current trends

11.00 – Bedload transport monitoring and modelling: state of the art (Dieter Rickenmann, WSL Research Institute, Switzerland)

11.30 – Suspended transport monitoring and modelling: state of the art (Helmut Habersack, BOKU University, Austria)

12.00 – Recent developments in sediment monitoring in Japanese rivers (Shusuke Miyata, Kyoto University, Japan)

12.30 – Sediment transport in high-elevation basins and future trends (Luca Mao, University of Lincoln, UK)


13.00 – Lunch


Sediment regime alterations and attempts for restoration

14.00 – Bypass tunnels to route sediment around dams (Robert Michael Boes, ETH Zurich, Switzerland)

14.30 – Sediment management options for Alpine reservoirs : current practices and innovative solutions (Pedro Manso, EPFL Lausanne, Switzerland)

15.00 – Examples of sediment replenishment in French Alpine rivers (Mélanie Bertrand, IRSTEA, France)


15.30 – Coffee break with posters


Best practices applied in sediment management

16.00 – The Austrian concept for sediment management in torrential catchments (Susanne Mehlhorn, Federal Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism/ Avalanche and Torrent Control, Austria)

16.30 – Sediment management in Switzerland (Mario Koksch, Federal Ministry of Environment, Switzerland)

17.00 – Challenges of sediment management in the Rhône Mediterranean and Corsican river basins (Benoît Terrier, Agence de l’eau Rhône Méditerranée Corse, France)

17.30 – Final discussion

18.00 – End of the workshop

20.00 – Social dinner (only for invited guests) at Lunas Restaurant