Early warning systems for debris flows: state of the art and challenges

Bozen-Bolzano, October 16-18, 2019

Debris flows represent a major hazard for infrastructures and human life in mountain areas. Structural mitigation measures are not always suitable to protect transportation routes, especially in narrow and highly-anthropized valleys. Therefore, the development and application of warning systems based on real-time detection of debris flows with compact and low-cost sensors has spurred a great deal of interest worldwide.
The international workshop “Early warning systems for debris flows: state of the art and challenges” will allow scientists and practitioners to discuss the different methods for debris flow monitoring and warning, the goal being to promote the reliable use of such systems by local authorities.
During the first day (in Italian, with simultaneous translation in English), the state of the art of debris flow monitoring at the national level will be presented by invited researchers, as well as the potential and the limitations of warning systems from the point of view of local authorities will be discussed. In the second day of the workshop (entirely in English), invited international scientists will present recently developed methods and procedures for both debris flows and lahars warning. Poster sessions will be available on both days. A field trip to the Gadria monitoring basin (Bolzano, Italy) will be offered on October 18.

The conference is organized in collaboration with the Civil Protection Agency of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano/South Tyrol




Organizing committee

Velio Coviello, Francesco Comiti,  Willigis Gallmetzer, Pierpaolo Macconi, Isabella Costa, Massimo Eccli

Contacts: debrisflow@unibz.it





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